Virtual Art & Museum Galleries

Use qbicle to curate virtual galleries and exhibitions to present and sell displays online. Our platform enables you to replicate the gallery experience online, letting visitors explore exhibitions globally, 24/7.

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Features Include

  •  All the tools you need to bring your art exhibition, art and museum galleries online
  •  Upload the galleries with exhibits
  •  Insert hotspots and configure how users interact
  •  Upload content using variety of content types
    •  Exhibit information (Image, Details)
    •  Audio descriptions (MP3)
    •  Exhibit videos (YouTube)
    •  Banners (JPG, PNG, PDF)
    •  Leaflets (JPG, PNG, PDF)
    •  Catalogue (PDF)
    •  Business cards (Modal)
    •  Enquiry forms
    •  Live chat
    •  Newsletter
  •  Link hotspots to external exhibit pages
  •  Edit or delete hotspots and content
  •  Easily upgrade or remove subscription packages
  •  Publish your gallery to any webpage or virtual event using embed code
  •  Track visits to your gallery and hotspot clicks using Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  •  Gallery and asset hosting

Optional Services

  •   Gallery and content design services
  •   Gallery configuration and setup services
  •   Gallery integration with websites, virtual exhibitions and events platforms


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